Premium Quality Frying Oil


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11:59PM - Tuesday, 31 October 2023

Premium Quality Frying Oil

Sime Darby Oils (SDO) would like to collaborate with partners to produce high-quality frying oil. Palm oil always good for frying. Hence, SDO receives a strong demand from the frying industry to increase the oxidative stability of frying oil due to regulatory requirements to provide healthy fried products to our end customers.


Deep frying is a cooking technique that involves complex processes that can affect physicochemical properties and shelf life of both oil and the fried product These reactions bring modifications to the composition of the frying oils thereby releasing a group of compounds called total polar compounds (TPC).

After every frying, a discard point determines how long the oil can be used. The discard point was determined either based on the changes of the colour or chemical properties. Total Polar compound (TPC) is one of the chemical parameters which shows the degradation of the used oil. The threshold is 25% for fast food, and any oil with TPC more than 25% is considered detrimental for health. Hence, our customer requested for to purchase low-TPC frying oil as they will be discarding the oil based on the TPC level.

It is also important to increase the end-product shelf life. They are many undesirable compounds form during frying and polar compound formation are being related to the quality of the food products. The initial Diacylglycerides (DAG) compound in the oil help to slow down the formation of polar compounds during frying. Low DAG oil translates to lower TPC which is sought by the frying industries. It has been used as a criteria for purchasing.

At SDO, only the good Crude Palm Oil (CPO) (Free Fatty Acid (FFA) below 3%) supplied from our Upstream Operation able to give lower TPC at initial level. The low TPC helps to prolong the discard point. Now due to labour shortage we are not getting enough volume of 3% FFA CPO.  


SDO would like to produce good quality oil for our customers. SDO is scouting for commercialised solution to reduce the DAG compound (ideally below 5%) in the fresh oil or to reduce the increase of polar compound formation during frying. Besides, SDO is scouting for commercially viable technology to allow maximisation of low TPC frying oil production to serve our growing customers’ needs. 


Contact Person: SDP Innovation Committee